Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby Scrapbook (22 page book)

Sorry...I know this is a lot of pages, but each one hopefully has some fun ideas! I used smaller pic sizes to fit them all in. Hope you enjoy viewing these pages as much as I enjoyed making them...

For this book, I used my Cricut Expressions, Cuttlebug, computer, sewing machine, ink, and embellishments. I know digital is faster, but I had SO much fun making each page of this book in expectation of the new baby girl! I didn't have it totally done in time for the birth...maybe a few weeks late, but Mom and Dad were preoccupied anyway :) Isabella has been such a beautiful, happy blessing, and the family couldn't be more proud!! She was born with such a sweet disposition, and rarely cries! WOW! It's been almost a year now, and we miss her, and of course her Mom and Dad, across the 1900 miles, but were able to spend Christmas with them!

Lots and lots of beautiful ribbon in all shades show off the cover of this book!

The only page/idea I scraplifted was this Love That Baby one...unfortunately, I can't relocate the gallery I got it from, but it was a wonderful idea!

I loved this pinwheel idea, so I made it so it turns, and she can write dates or whatever on the wheel.

These pages include open-up pages that can include as many photos or sayings as she likes. The page below has envelopes with stationery in them to write special or fun moments remembered as she grows.

I used a lot of lace and ribbon on this page especially for Mom!

I used the "Butterfly Kisses" theme on this page for Daddy since that was a song played at the parent's wedding when father danced with the bride (his "baby" girl).

This last page includes some "Brag" tags that can be taken out and taken along to show friends & family - they can include sayings or photos.

On the back cover, I used my sewing machine to zig-zag stich a bunch of paper scraps together, and glue on to board cover. I used paint to finish edges of the book, and sand paper to weather or distress the front and back a little.

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