Monday, April 12, 2010

Simple Strip Quilt

Well, I'm rather new at this blog site development, but having fun working it all out. I thought I'd start by sharing a recent quilt venture. I started quilting about a year ago, remembering my mother teaching quilting and sewing to the ladies in her Ethiopian (missionary) school...she loved to sew. I've been making quilts for various family members, but myself and my husband...he commented, "when do I get mine?" And he's so right...sometimes the most precious and most obvious are overlooked! Here are a few pics of the first quilt I made him - yes, I've made two for him now, and probably will be many more since I'm loving it! This quilt is an idea taken from a strip quilting book "Super Simple Strips" by Nancy Smith & Lynda Milligan...the pattern for "Blackberry Brandy" only I used greens, browns, tans and golds since my husband loves the outdoors, and more natural colors.

1 comment:

  1. The quilt is absolutely beautiful. Good luck with your venture.