Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sophia's Baby Quilt - Stacked Coins

Made this stacked coin baby quilt using Minky for the background (my first time sewing with Minky) I tried something new. I quilted the quilt top and batting first, then attached the minke around the border, and used a tacking stich at periodic intervals to attach the minky. (Note: Make sure you shrink wash the cotton top first before attaching the Minky)

Next time I might be brave and quilt with the Minky, still using the walking foot.


  1. This is very pretty! I have been making blankets with minky backing and tack it down. What kind of tacking stitch do you use? On my next blanket, to add a little more body, I'm going to quilt the top to flannel first. Thanks!

    1. Wow Jane....sorry, but I haven't been on my blog for about a year now, but finally retired, and am getting back. I just used a back and forth tacking of about 1/2 inch or less at various points on the quilt measured equally....I had seen that on a comercial blanket at one time, and it works great.