Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mint Chocolate Chip Quilt - King size

I made this for my step son for Christmas, and since he is 6'5", and blankets always seem to be a little short, I decided to make just short of a King Size quilt for his Queen bed.  I ended up with about 210 blocks in piles, so it took a while.  But I just loved making this quilt!  It was very easy (except for the quilting, and modern.  He said he wanted greens and browns, and I love the combination of these in this design!

I got the pattern from Kim Schaefer's "Cozy Modern Quilts: 23 Easy Pieced Projects to Bust Your Stash." 

I just used a stitch in the ditch (and down the center of blocks) to make it easier since I was going to quilt it myself (I have a Viking, so it gives me a little more quilting room, but it was still tricky).  Here's what I had to do to feed it through the machine...carefully finagling...used my ironing board to support the huge roll behind me, as I fed it onto the dining room table.
I loved the idea I found on Pinterest to print out a label on my printer onto fabric sheets, and sew into the binding in corner...worked out perfectly.

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