Monday, September 29, 2014

Tropical Sign

I'm in the process of making a "Tropical Sign" for our Florida yard, but haven't put the pole in the ground yet.  I sprayed multiple layers of protective finish since I know it will take a beating with the weather down here.  It was tons of fun to custom design/tailor and paint for places that I love.  It was lots of fun  doing the Disney characters!  I purchased little ornaments to hang on or stand on top of various signs...pelican with the surf board and margarita will hang off the Key West sign, and the kayak off the Honeymoon Island sign. :)
I'll post a pic of the final sign once I put it up...maybe after this few weeks of rain are finished.  The plan is to make a little "beach shack" bird house (which I haven't finished yet) to put on top of the 4X4 post. (my husband said I should sell them, but it took me so much time to make, it would never be worth it!  You can buy much more inexpensive version, although less tailored...chalk this one up to fun and custom decor)

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