Friday, March 4, 2016

Charleston and Beaufort SC, and Savannah GA

I had a trip a while back in October as a reunion with some girlfriends from High School, and we took a week to enjoy beautiful Charleston & Beaufort, SC.  On the way, I spent a little time in old Savannah GA.  If you've never been to Charleston, it is now going to be my most recommended vacations or trips.  I've been in 47 states, and Charleston is my favorite town, bar none, including coastal California (Monterey might be my second).  The beautiful old southern homes, gardens, cobblestone class restaurants galore, shopping, Old City Market and all the amazing collectable Sweetgrass Baskets (quickly becoming a lost art), wonderful Plantations, historical homes and coastal marshes and beaches.  The city is drenched in history, and a learning experience you won't soon forget.  We went in Oct, and the weather was perfect.  I hear Spring is the best time to go to see all the Azaleas blooming (Camellias were blooming in Oct, and were beautiful), but I hear it is crowded.  Reserve early in Charleston!  We rented a wonderful home downtown on "Home Away," and wouldn't have changed a thing!!! It was amazing!

More Charleston pics if you click on this pic...

These are some of the hundreds of Sweetgrass Baskets you will see around town, with the artisans sitting along some of the streets and highways, and in the Old City Market.  As the specific grasses to these baskets are becoming more scarce, and as the children of many of these artisans decide not to learn the trade but to go into other lines of work, these baskets may soon become a thing of the past.  I sure hope not, because they are amazing, unique, and worth every penny (you'll think them costly, until you realize that the little lady (or man) that made the basket may have taken an entire week or two to make it, then you will reconsider).  If you are on a tighter budget, we did find that the basket makers out on Hwy 17 in Mt. Pleasant were more reasonably priced than some downtown (but usually not out on Sundays)...and lesson learned from a very feisty lady, most don't like their picture taken, or of their baskets, unless you are buying from themWe did find a few deals in Old City Market though, and bought a few.
These are 2 of the baskets that I bought....from Del and Donald (D and D Creations) out on Hwy 17 in Mt Pleasant....LOVE THEM!!!  And Del and Donald had such sweet, Christian spirits...will buy from them next time I am in hoping the flooding hasn't caused too many problems for the basket-makers!

Halfway between Savannah and Charleston is a beautiful, quaint little seaside town of Beaufort, SC.  Beautiful marshy estuaries, marinas, shops and restaurants make this a charming and relaxing place to visit!  The beauty and wartime history have made this town a popular Hollywood film making venue.

For more photos of Beaufort, click this pic!
For more photos of Beaufort, click on this pic!

Just outside of Beaufort about 18 miles are the Old Sheldon Church Ruins....a great historical venue of a Greek Revival style church built between 1745 and 1753, that was burned down by the British during the Revolutionary War, and then rebuilt in 1826...also a popular photo op location, so I decided to visit during the journey.
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Savannah GA
 And last but certainly not least, my short visit to Savannah GA.  The town is built on the Old Savannah River, and River Street has so much to do...cobblestone streets lined with century old buildings that were originally cotton warehouses, now house artisans, shops, antique dealers, restaurants and hotels.  The town has many parks and historic buildings and homes.  Parking is at a premium and driving a little difficult/stressful/crowded (and I don't say that lightly) take a trolley or park and walk everywhere would be my choice/recommendation.
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