Sunday, September 28, 2014

Shrinky Dink - Baubles/Tags

Sorry, these pictures aren't the best, but you can see some of the little "baubles or tags" that I made using Shrinky Dink, wire, charms and beads.  It is so much fun.  And when I was at the annual "Stamp Fest Tampa" I bought some of Darcie's Shrink Plastic kits....I LOVE THEM!!  Here is one, but you can see some of hers better at her site.  Want to make some more to add to gifts.  I added a little necklace clasp so it can be hung on ribbons or lace...or I guess you could add little loops to hang as ornaments. (Darcie's shrink plastic seems to be a little better quality than regular Shrinky Dink in my opinion)

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